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Fall 2015 Enrolled Full-time Students:  Gender # %
Female 1284 75.0%
Male 427 25.0%
Total 1711 100%


Fall 2015 Enrolled Full-time Students:  Ethnicity/Race # %
 White 1014 59.3% 
 Hispanic 314 18.4% 
 Black 127 7.4% 
 International (non-US citizens) 91 5.3% 
 Asian 65 3.8%
 Native American 13 0.8%
 Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 2 0.1%
 Two or more races 23 1.3%
 Did not answer 62 3.6%
Total 1711 100%


Fall 2014 Full-time, First-time Bachelor’s Retention Rate  
 Full-time, first-time Fall 2014 bachelor’s cohort 495
 Students from Fall 2014 cohort still enrolled as of Fall 2015 364
 Full-time, first-time Fall 2014 bachelor’s cohort retention rate 73.5%


Graduation Rate of Fall 2009 Degree-seeking, First-time, Full-time Undergraduate Students  
 Full-time, first-time Fall 2009 bachelor’s cohort 487
 Students from Fall 2009 cohort graduated by August 31, 2015 204
 Fall 2009 cohort graduation rate 42%


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