Waive Health Insurance

We want to be sure all students are protected in case of illness or emergency. Let us know about your health plan choice.

September 15 (Fall semester)

February 15 (Spring semester) 

Between July 15 and September 15 (December 1 and February 15 for Spring entrants) students who have their own health insurance plan can opt out of the College health insurance plan and have charges removed from their tuition bill. You will receive written and electronic notices during the opt out period of how to waive the College’s plan. The deadline to opt out is September 15 (February 15 for Spring entrants).

Please note that international students are required to keep the College health insurance plan. Appeals for consideration of an exception must be submitted to the Counseling and Wellness Center with a copy of the insurance policy and proof of coverage (in English). This must be submitted no later than September 15 (February 15 for Spring entrants) in order to be considered for an exception.  

Keep in mind that out of state insurance may not provide coverage in New York.

Contact the Counseling & Wellness Center at (212) 774-0700 for further information.