Our Goal $1,000,000 $715,560
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For every 2 dollars you give,
Judy and Russ Carson will match 1 dollar.

Phase 1 of the Carson Match, Welcoming Our New President

Please help us meet our goal of $1 million by April 15. Longtime Marymount Manhattan College supporters Judith ’03, H’13 and Russell Carson will match your contribution 1:2. Every gift counts!

Funds raised will go to support areas of our most critical need, including student scholarships, distinguished faculty chairs, academic initiatives, and campus improvements.  

Now more than ever is the time to support Marymount Manhattan College!

Judith Carson and President Kerry WalkJudith Carson and President Kerry Walk“We hope our support inspires other members of the Marymount Manhattan community to give–in any way that they can–and become a partner in this very important initiative to ensure the successful future of this great College.”
–Judith Carson ’03, H’13

Matching gifts

If your employer also matches charitable giving, that’s a double match! Please click here to see if your company participates in the program.

How to give

Making a gift is easy. You can donate online now!

For more information or to make a contribution, please contact Kyle Nachreiner
(212) 517-0454 or knachreiner@mmm.edu.