Making History, and Making a Difference for Trans Athletes

January 29, 2016
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    Chris Mosier is the first trans athlete to make a U.S. national team.
MMC’s own Chris Mosier has been making history for years through his incredible athleticism and advocacy. His latest victory: a momentous change from the highest power in sports.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released updated guidelines that reflect “current scientific, social, and legal attitudes” by eliminating the requirement for trans athletes to have surgery before competing in the Olympics and other international events.

Chris, who is MMC’s Assistant Director of Residence Life, told New York Magazine that removing the surgery requirement is a huge victory that would have happened at some point but was hurried along by his case.

“Medical experts have said that this is unnecessary, that anatomical changes have no impact on sport performance. I think that we’ve been working toward this change and it really just took having an athlete and a name and a face to put to a story to see how this impacts people.

Read more in New York Magazine…

We are so proud of Chris and will be cheering him on in his next race!

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