Feb. 17–28: New Play with MMC Alums Supporting Bedford Hills College Program

February 08, 2016
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Steve Romagnoli, professor at the Bedford Hills College Program, has written a new play inspired by the true story of a Congolese pygmy put on exhibit in the Bronx Zoo.

The play is directed by S. C. Lucier ’12, and includes cast member Frank Monteleone ’04 and general management by Evan Bernardin ’13.

The show was inspired by the story of Ota Benga, a Congolese pygmy exhibited alongside an orangutan in the Bronx Zoo in 1906, one of the more tragic and unusual episodes in New York City history.

Romagnoli, who has taught for more than 20 years at high schools, homeless shelters, substance abuse and incarcerated programs for “at-risk” youth, says, “I always tried to engage my ‘audience’ with something that I knew would shock, perplex or in some way relate to students who, for the most part, suffered some sort of trauma in their lives,” he said. “Ota Benga always got their attention.”

All proceeds are being donated to the Bedford Hills College Program.

Tickets are $18 each and are available online. Learn more about the production on BroadwayWorld.com.

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