Susan J Behrens

Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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    Sue Behrens

Susan J. Behrens holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Brown University. At Brown, and later as a research associate at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (NY) and Cambridge University (UK), Sue conducted research on the processing of language and its neural connections. At MMC, Susan is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Her textbooks include An Introduction to Speech Science (with Jack Ryalls; Allyn and Bacon, 2000), Grammar (Routledge 2010), Language in the Real World (with Judith Parker, Routledge, 2010), and Understanding Language Use in the Classroom (Multilingual Matters, 2014).



Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders





B.A., Queens College of the City University of New York
M.A., Brown University
Ph.D., Brown University

Recent Work


Grammar: A Pocket Guide. 2010. Routledge

Language in the Real World: An Introduction to Linguistics. 2010. Co-edited with Judith A. Parker, Routledge.

Understanding Language Use in the Classroom: A Linguistic Guide for College Educators. 2014. Multilingual Matters.



The Three Rs: Representation of Language in College, Reality of Language, and Realignment of Expectations. Director and Producer: Plaster Bear Productions.



Behrens, S.J. et al. In press. I know it when I see it: Uncovering college student-educator expectations about academic writing. Writing & Pedagogy.


Behrens, S.J. 2014. English Pronouns Revealed: A Meta-discussion of the English Pronoun System. Research and Teaching in Developmental Education 30 (2), 91-95.


Behrens, S.J. December 2013. A Note on “The Bell Jar” (1963). Names, A Journal of

Onomastics 61(4),273-277.


Behrens, S.J. Summer 2013. Review of Teaching and Researching Language and

Culture, 2nd ed. 2012. Joan Hall Kelly. Teaching American Speech 88 (2), 247-253.


Behrens, S.J. and Mercer, C. Fall 2011. Syntactic Boundaries and the Mechanics of

Academic Written English. Research and Teaching in Developmental Education 28 (1), 50-56.


Behrens, S.J. and Mercer, C. Spring 2011. The Ambiguous Nature of Bilingualism and its

Ramifications for Writing Instruction. NADE Digest 5 (2), 11-22.


Behrens, S.J. Fall 2010. Using Naming Practices in the Developmental English Classroom. Research and Teaching in Developmental Education 27 (1), 32-36.


Student and professor expectations of academic English.

Conversational analysis of student-teacher/tutor meetings.

Grammar as a pedagogical tool.


Courses offered:

Introduction to Linguistics

The Structure of English


Speech and Hearing Science

The Sound of Your Voice: General Education Upper Division

Language and Culture: General Education Upper Division

Professional Experience

Co-Director, with Katie LeBesco: Marymount Manhattan College Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (C-TIE)

Associate: Institute for Writing and Thinking, Bard College, NY

Free-lance Contributor: The New York Times

Summer Instructor: Columbia University, High School Program and Internship in Building Community