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Andreas Hernandez

Chair, Department of International Studies

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Andreas Hernandez has a background in social work and music, and holds a Ph.D. in Development Sociology from Cornell University. His work examines the cultural, religious and ecological dimensions of Latin American social movements, particularly in Brazil. Andreas utilizes film as part of his research – his documentary “Hope Will Win Over Fear: The World Social Forums,” has been screened on every continent through film festivals, social movement networks, and universities. He has taught at Ithaca College, and through Bard College, the Elmira Maximum Security Prison.


Chair, Department of International Studies

Assistant Professor of International Studies


International Studies





Ph.D., Cornell University
M.S.W., University of British Columbia
B.S.W., University of Washington

Recent Work

Challenging Market Fundamentalisms: The Emergence of ‘Ethics, Cosmovisions, and Spiritualities’in the World Social Forums. In McMichael, P. (Ed.). Reclaiming Development: Critical Struggles for Justice and Social Change. New York: Routledge. (2009).

Ethics, Cosmovisions and Spiritualities: Resistances and Challenges for a New World, In Sauquet, M. (Ed.). 100 Proposals of the World Social Forum. Paris: Charles Leopold Mayor Editions. (2006).

Also published in the following countries: Brazil (Vozes), Cameroon (Tropique) Chile (QuartoPropio), Gabon (Les Editions du Silence), Guinea (Ganndal ), India (Tulika), Mali (Jamana), Morroco (Tariks), South Africa (Jacana), Tanzania (Nkuki Na Nyota), Spain (Popular), Venezuela (Laboratorio Educativo).

Hope Will Win Over Fear: The World Social Forums. Delhi: Magic Latern. (2004). (Film)

Representative Screenings: Persistence/Resistance Film Festival (Delhi, India), Cornell University Cinema (Ithaca, USA), World Social Forum (Brazil), Our Common Future: Film Series (University of Michigan, USA), Melbourne Social Forum (Australia), Center for Civil Society (Durban, South Africa).

Nationalism as Resistance to Economic Globalization in the Republic of Georgia. UNIRONDON Journal of Law. 1:5 (2003). p. 131-151.

Eye of Newt. The Vancouver Underground Film Festival. Vancouver. (2000). (New Media Presentation)

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